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You sat behind England, everyday, for Your 7th period class, english. It was almost unfair how things always worked out for you.
Everyday, you'd sit in looking distance of him, everyday, he didn't look.
You sighed and pulled out a small, yellow, lined, notepad, quickly jotting down some ideas for a new fan fiction about Harry Potter and Pansy Parkinson.
English was Your favorite class. The teacher, Mr. Jensen, was young, and inspiring. He always gives the class fun homework too, like poetry and short stories, your specialty. But, the best part, was England.
You glanced up from your notepad and gazed at England's light hair. 'Isn't it funny? I don't even know his real name, everyone just calls him England…'
Out of the blue, another idea struck you and you pushed your ______ hair out of your face and jotted down more notes.
Mr. Jensen cleared his throat after a short lecture on paragraphs.
"Before you leave class, your Homework." A moan escaped from a group of girls and a few guys g
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Contest entry: Germany x Reader: The letter.
______ rolled around in the dark red sheets. Opening her eyes, she saw the clock say 11:00. "How could I sleep so late?" She whined. It's been happening a lot lately, weather she goes to bed early or not. She's always so tired now.
Germany had already left to do training with his friend's Kiku and Feliciano, so she had an hour by herself. She rolled out of bed and landed flat on the floor, face up, staring at the ceiling. ______ wasn't very much like Ludwig at all, she was Prussia's friend when they met, a cousin to Francis and an acquaintance to Spain. She liked to party, play wingman, make jokes, and dance around. She didn't do much of that since she met Ludwig, but she was still so… happy. Just knowing that she lived with him was enough to make her heart beat faster.
She rolled over and went into the bathroom to freshen up. Her hair was everywhere this morning, a little more than usual. She played around with it, trying to do a braid, but failed and ended up just putting it in
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The dark side of the moon by Nafanua123 The dark side of the moon :iconnafanua123:Nafanua123 6 5
Empyrean Academy-Claire Naseem
Basic Information
Name: Claire Naseem
Meaning: Claire is a french name with the latin root is clear or bright. Neseem is an Arabic name that means breeze or gentle wind.
Nickname(s): Poppy (family)
Age: 15-18 (started school at 14)
Gender: female
Ethnicity: Her mother is American, with ancestors from Sweden and Ireland. Swedish american father Irish mother.) Her father is one quarter Egyptian, German and American. (Egyptian american father german american mother)
Birthplace: While visiting her parent's in Alamonte Springs FL, Savannah Neseem suddenly went into labor 3 days late. Her parents told them where the nearest hospital was. She gave Birth in Florida Hospital Alamonte.
Current Residence:  Brunswick Maine, The Empyrean Academy (Cherry Nebraska)
Blood Type: A+
Birthday: August 5 1997
Zodiac: Leo
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: dark brown
Height: 5'6 15, 5'7 16 then she stopped growing
Weight: 129-138
Scars/Piercings/Tattoos: various small scars from child hood that will pro
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My dog hates me. by Nafanua123 My dog hates me. :iconnafanua123:Nafanua123 2 11 Claire EA student ID by Nafanua123 Claire EA student ID :iconnafanua123:Nafanua123 1 0 Childish secrets by Nafanua123 Childish secrets :iconnafanua123:Nafanua123 6 10 Pink by Nafanua123 Pink :iconnafanua123:Nafanua123 1 4
100 facts about me.
I've been getting odd questions like these recently so yea here you go.
1. What's your middle name?
2. What are you listening to right now?
We are young by Fun
3. What was the last thing you ate?
4. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
My cousin
5. Do you drink?
6. Do you smoke?
7. What is the first thing you noticed in someone?
this will sound terrible, but I notice there all around attractiveness and personality towards me.
8. What is your hair color?
Dark brown with lighter auburn highlights I don't dye it, cause I'd look stupid with anything else XD
9. What is your eye color?
brow/amber eyes
10. Do you wear contacts/glasses?
11. Dogs or cats?
big dongs and small cats.
12. What's your favorite animal?
Hippos and peacocks and foxes and BIG albino lions and tigers and wolves and bats
13. What's your favorite television show?
Korra, Glee, Young justice, cake boss, Nana, and anything awesome.
14. What's y
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Tigres by Nafanua123 Tigres :iconnafanua123:Nafanua123 1 5
Teenage filth- Character Q n A
1) Do you want a hug?
Selene: I guess.
Devlin: Sure!
2) Are you a virgin?
Selene:...I think so... what is that exactly?
Devlin: Nope.
3) Do you have any kids?
Selene: No.
Devlin: I hope not!
4) Have you killed anyone?
Selene: No.
Devlin: No.
5) Do you hate anyone?
Selene: No! well I don't think so... I'm not sure I have that feeling yet.
Devlin: Well yea, I hate every villain.
6) Love anyone?
Selene: I'm not sure but I think so.
Devlin: Psh, I don't love anyone! I'm free!
7) What is your job?
Selene: twice a week me and two of my friends work at a small ice cream store called 'Gelato Joe's'
Devlin: Yea. Me, Reyra and Selene all landed a job at this lame ice-cream store.
8) Favorite season?
Selene: Winter. It reminds me of my cousin's palace at the moon.
Devlin: Summer. Hotties, beaches, and the heat.
9) Who's your best friend?
Selene: Reyra. She's very cheerful and she's also very brave.
Devlin: My buddie lance. Selene's pretty cool too.
10) Any talents or hobbies?
Selene: I like to pl
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Teenage filth-2 by Nafanua123 Teenage filth-2 :iconnafanua123:Nafanua123 2 5 Teenage filth-1 by Nafanua123 Teenage filth-1 :iconnafanua123:Nafanua123 4 2
Selene Hero Profile
Real Name: Livana Myers (earth name) Selene (birth name)
Code Name: Selene
Age: 15/16.
Gender: Female
Apperance: short, black hair with a large white streak and white sideburns. Light blue eyes, pale olive skin.
Civilian Clothes: white/grey tee under a long sleeved, short black crop jacket with dark jeans, sneakers, no streak in her hair, black bracelet.
Hero Uniform: one shoulder, short sleeved white and black trim body suit. Hip circles, and thin belt. webbed boots and gloves, no mask.
Personality: Pretty friendly, sometimes likes to be alone. trusts few. She likes to read and learn new things about earth, but she's not as eager as miss martian or star fire. Selene is willing to do favors and doesn't like letting people down. she loves to laugh, swim, and play guitar.
Flaws: She's not very open to people. She's strong-willed. she has mild OCD and likes to clean up after her team. She's not used to many feelings and has a hard time keeping them under control. she can be overly cheerfu
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Selene the OC by Nafanua123 Selene the OC :iconnafanua123:Nafanua123 6 19 Western Samoa by Nafanua123 Western Samoa :iconnafanua123:Nafanua123 3 4


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Well, Hi. I guess. My name or pen name, is Maybell I live in the Sunshine state, I'm a teenager, and I hate most teenagers. I in a way, have multiple personalities depending on who I'm with. I like sandwiches and glitter. Ta Da!~ So, enough about me. I do free Countryxreader commissions. Right now I'm in a rut, and can't work lately, but then I'm doing a BTTxReader (those three and germany are my specialty.) I do other Characters besides Hetalia too, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Ouran, You name it, I'll try my best at doing it:) I'll tell you that I'm done with it on your page, and tag you in the description. you don't have to give me a plot either, but i would like it if you could.:) I also do drawings and stuff, but no one seems to like them ^_^; so I just don't anymore... but If you'd like a traditional drawing, I'd be glad to do so too maybe idk



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